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Webinars Sponsored By Ivy Société

At Ivy one of our main objectives is to foster a safe and progressive community for sex workers. Beyond dedicating a percentage of our profits to a sex work charity, we also sponsor webinars. These webinars, hosted by industry leaders, are structured to cultivate learning on a range of topics surrounding the sex work industry. To give back to our Société, these webinars will be offered free of charge to the global sex work community. Sign up to receive more information on dates and how to access.

Webinar Themes:

  • How To Get Started In The Industry – a beginners guide to entering the industry.
  • Photography – learn more on how to plan and style a photoshoot, take better selfies and use editing apps.
  • Finance – further your goal setting and learn techniques to improve your savings, investments and accounting.
  • Branding – master branding techniques and define your target markets, brand personality, styling and enhance content creation.
  • Marketing – refine your skills in social media, newsletters and creating your own personal website.
  • Touring – everything you need to know to plan a successful tour.
  • Health – the latest on hygiene and STI/STD information and available health services.
  • Safety – join in on the discussion about safety; apps, networks, techniques and how to minimise time wasters. 
  • Mental Health – familiarise yourself with mental health techniques, available services, dealing with burnout and setting boundaries.
  • Only Fans – a guide to all things Only Fans.
  • Incall/Outcall – tips on must have items, processes and safety guides.
  • State Regulations – learn more on the sex work laws in each Australian state.