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Why choose us

Ivy Société is a thoughtfully curated platform, designed to be inclusive and supportive of escorts in new and innovative ways. Escort owned and operated, we are dedicated to providing a superior escort directory for our advertisers and their clients. You can view a full list of our features here.

Who runs Ivy Societe

Ivy Société was founded by a leading Australian, female escort and an independent tech and marketing team to bring a platform worthy of our incredible community.

How do you support the sex work community

Portion of all profits will be donated to a charity chosen by the Ivy community. The charity will be put to a vote at the end of the financial year through our social media platforms and email list. Ivy also sponsors networking events and monthly webinars designed to empower and educate our advertisers.

Will Ivy promote me on social media

Twitter and Instagram are great for personalising your profile and showcasing your personality. Our experienced marketing team will promote your profile across a range of social media platforms.

How can I contact you

Need help? You can contact us via email at We have guaranteed same day replies during business hours (GMT+10).

Payment options

Bank deposit, bank transfer and Beem It.


Sign up now for a one month trial, completely free. To view our membership packages please click here.

How do I sign up

You can create an account here or you may contact us for your personalised onboarding experience by emailing us at

Will you require verification for photos

Client research has shown that photo verification is one of the most significant factors in decision making when it comes to bookings. To better support you and your profile, we require all providers to have verified images. We have a number of discreet options available, please contact us directly if you wish to learn more.

What information do you need for a profile

To get started you will need photographs, a bio, physical stats, your rates and either a work email and/or work phone number.

Are there any contracts

We do not require any contracts to advertise on Ivy Société. We offer month to month membership options. You will receive the first month free when you sign up.

Can I use images that look like me

No, it is mandatory for all your profiles to be of you.

Do you have requirements for images

We suggest using professional images however this is not a requirement, we will accept high quality non-professional images.

Can I have video on my profiles

Yes, you can add a video to your profile. For those on the “elite” advertising package, you are able to use a video as your profile thumbnail

How Do I Use My Elite Package Upgrade

Select video as your thumbnail:

To create a video thumbnail

1. Sign into your profile

2. Click photos. Upload the video into the “profile images” album and save

3. Click “reorder” and move the video to the very start of the album and save
Once the video has been approved by admin your new video thumbnail will be displayed on Ivy. 
Display your profile in 5 permanent cities

To display your profile in 5 permanent cities:

1. Sign into your profile

2. Click cities

3. Your account will now allow you to select up to 5 permanent cities 

Create 2 custom profile image galleries

To create custom image galleries:

1. Sign into your profile

2. Click photos

3. Scroll to bottom and click “add new album”

4. Create album name, click public and click add to save the album 

5. Now you are able to upload images to this new album and will be displayed on your profile

Example: ‘Holiday pictures,’ or services you wish to promote such as ‘Dinner Dates,’ or ‘Home Cooking.’