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Zoe Adams is a Canberra Escort provider. Read the full review left by Samani below.



Jun 22, 2023

A gentle giant Zoe has many attributes that make her a wonderful companion. From the physical aspects of her beautifully long legs and glorious derriere, to her soft skin angelically pretty face, or from her warm and genuine personality, to her playful and cheeky charm. Zoe has myriad photos available online that showcase just how sexy is, and all I can add to that is she must be well acquainted with what a person's face looks like as they peer into heaven. And speaking of divine sights, nothing in this world has mesmerized me as much as the statuesque Ms Adams in 8 inch heels, elevating her to a real-life giantess, especially as she leads you away to experience true heaven. An aspect to her services that is not as easy to advertise is her warm personality, but she is a very lovely lady who is very good at making you feel comfortable in her presence, regardless of how intimidating her beauty might be For anyone who is looking for an equal dose of sexy, cute, and geeky, I would 100% recommend Zoe, and even more so if any of her kink/bdsm offerings are to your liking. I can't wait to see her again and get my hands on that squishy booty again!