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Mistress Rae Ryanne's Review

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Mistress Rae Ryanne is a Singapore BDSM provider. Read the full review left by Bunny L. below.


Bunny L.

Jan 20, 2022

Last night was truly magical. Thank you Mistress for your thoughtfully planned 6-hour session. I felt like I was in a daze throughout, totally submitting my whole self to you and letting you take control of my mind and body. I loved how you tied me up so sensually and intimately while torturing me and trashing me around like a dog with such ease and precision at the perfect timing. You can somehow read my mind and know exactly when to execute force and when to toy me around. Time passed so quickly and I wish our time could go on forever :( I know 6 hours is tiring for you given how much effort you put in for every moment, but you never once show it or lose focus. The whole 6 hours was just as intense as it was in the first hour and the last, with great flow and buildup. Thank you once more, and i wish you a safe flight to Berlin!