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Billie C is a Melbourne Escort provider. Read the full review left by Stuart below.



Nov 13, 2023

Having admired Billie for quite a while, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet with this beautiful woman when I heard she was on her way to Sydney. Billie was a delight from the first message, prompt and professional our date was set for an afternoon encounter. I was a little nervous on the way over, probably a bit star struck as well, but the moment I laid eyes on Billie I felt all of those feelings leaving and replaced by absolute delight at the beauty that was now before me. Her smile, just a little cheeky, her bright blue eyes, drawing you deeper into her soul and her touch so warm and comforting. Initially when I made contact with Billie I’d asked for 1 hour, I’d changed this to 2 a few texts later. Once we were alone, the exchange between the two of us had me wanting to spend so much more time in her presence, I asked and I received. Our time together was definitely needed by us both, our exchange of energies was intense, one leading the other switching back and forth. Time stopped, as we were immersed in each other, there was no one but us. Fair to say that I’m a fanboy of Billie, and proud of it!! She is such a beautiful soul, and gorgeous as well. Hope to be seeing you again sometime very soon. Stu xxx