What Turns On Aspire Apsara – An Interview

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  1. What turns you on? 

My turn ons are based on a holistic engagement of sensory pleasures. The perfect cologne, perfume or scented candle is an olfactory delight. Combined with gentle touch and a stimulating, sensual soundtrack culminates in heightening my sexual arousal. 

Further, identifying as a Sapiosexual; intelligence heightens my sexual arousal and offers stimulating interactions which are often transcendent for myself and my client. An individual’s ability to actively and positively participate in social settings such as dining, arranging activities such as vacations and attending artistically cultural events indicates a level of maturity and emotional intelligence, ultimately unlocking the key to my sensual nature. 

Through their attentiveness to engage my mind, with wit, humour and interesting conversations an individual may discover a deepened sexual connection and the extremely profound and erotic effects of engaging my intellect. 

  1. What non-physical attributes do you find appealing in clients?

Being in this specialised industry has provided so many opportunities to meet individuals in pursuit of designing their own happiness. Clients who are motivated, enthusiastic and engaging align perfectly with my nature as a provider and are such appealing traits to embody. Bringing the best version of yourself to each encounter and wholeheartedly embracing an experience is extremely attractive and the best vibe in ensuring the environment, the ambiance and the connection organically merges into an unforgettable experience. 

  1. What do you find most rewarding about ensuring a positive experience for your clients?

I place a strong emphasis on building rapport and authentic connections with each of my clients. This serves to influence and promote boundaries in a positive light whilst providing opportunities for my clients to openly communicate their desires comfortably prior to the ‘in person’ booking. 

The highest compliment an individual can bestow on a provider is through gift giving. Whether it be a tangible gift, in the form of a review or rebooking an experience. Discovering an experience in my company has influenced a positive and profound change in an individual’s life is a professional measure of success and is the most rewarding aspect of the business. 

Providers aren’t bound to key performance indicators universal to most industries, and we are reliant on feedback to better understand our service. Receiving feedback is the cornerstone of the success of any business and it is through reviews and communication with our clients we are able to identify our key strengths and areas in which we need to improve to ensure positive experiences and the satisfaction of our clientele. 

  1. How do you think booking escorts has influenced how people discover and communicate their turn-ons?

My experience in this field has provided me with exposure to varied client behaviour. Social media such as ‘X’  has provided great exposure for both providers and clients alike. Many followers are influenced by the specialised Escort advertisement campaigns and posts which addresses booking etiquette, types of available experiences whether they be structured as dinner dates, ‘fly me to you’ (FMTY) adventures or shorter bookings. Clients are noticeably much more attuned into the professional dating and companionship booking process based on the development of para-social relationships they engage in with providers via social media which has resulted in open communication and influencing exploration of their specific turn ons.

Serious clients are communicative, decisive, proactive and participatory. They are making a financial investment and assign the time to research which providers appeal and will align well with their requirements and who they feel most comfortably suited. They understand and respect the boundaries of the business and approach booking escort services much as they would any service. 

The best client experiences are identifiable from the outset of initial contact with a provider. Clients who document their desires via email correspondence and follow through with fulfilling booking requirements are those who are willing to discover their turn ons. Respectful emails which provide insight into background and context regarding an individual’s requirements usually convert into authentic bookings which meet a client’s communicated desires. 

  1. What is most important to you: sexual, emotional, intellectual, spiritual or physical attraction? Can you explain why?  

I discovered early in my development my sexuality was never tied down to one definitive aspect or category. Factors such as physical and sexual attraction are only very small facets of what is important in building a heightened connection. I place great emphasis on the fundamental appeal based on an individual’s intelligence and energy, which draws on a combination of their spiritual, intellectual and physical essence.