Ivy Sinclair – What turns me on Q & A

What turns you on?
This one is so difficult to answer, it feels like there’s a million things that turn me on.
Non-physical turn ons – Definitely confidence, not necessarily in the skills you have, but also confidence in knowing where you’re lacking. Being willing to learn my body and adjust to what feels good to me is a major turn on. Someone who can confidently say “I need more practice at this, could you teach me?” is just as sexy as someone who is confident in the skills they already have.
Physical turn ons – I love love love having my nipples touched! A massage, especially a foot massage, would never go astray. Hearing you moan is one of my favourite sounds, it’s one of the sure-fire ways to get me turned on. Honestly, I just love being touched all over, my skin is super sensitive so soft caresses will really get me going.

What genre of music or particular songs set the mood?
I like songs with a deep bassy element to them. Songs with breathy, sensual, or deep vocals also really set the mood for me. Napkins and Saturn by RIZ LA VIE are two of my favourites.

What non-physical attributes do you find appealing in clients?
Respect is an absolute must for me, it lays down the base on whether anything we do together will turn me on.
Knowing what you like, and communicating it with me. Being keen to try new things and explore what turns you on! I love helping facilitate you connecting deeper with your own desires.

How do you explore new turn-ons or fantasies in a safe and consensual way?
Lots and lots and lots and lots of communication! Everyone involved needs to be fully and enthusiastically consenting, with a full understanding of what is being explored. I like when I can explore a new kink or fantasy with someone and not take it too seriously at first. Sometimes trying new things can be awkward and involves some trial and error, so being willing to put our egos aside and just fool around is so much fun.

How do you think booking escorts has influenced how people discover and communicate their turn-ons?
Having the space to be able to openly and thoroughly communicate your interests is so important. When you book an escort who provides the services you’re looking to explore you know you’re in safe, non-judgemental and experienced hands. This gives you the opportunity to try new things and build a deeper understanding of yourself.
I’m always stoked when I can help you experiment, discover, and develop confidence in the things that turn you on!

Do you think media (movies, books, etc.) has influenced your perceptions of turn-ons and attraction?
I don’t think there has been any major way that media has impacted my personal perceptions of turn-ons and attraction. I’ve always been happy exploring in my own space and time.

Ivy Sinclair xx