A Week in Victoria: From Luxury Travel to Building Memories

My recent week in Victoria was a whirlwind of experiences, from luxurious travel to memorable moments with loved ones. It all began with a business class flight upgrade, making the early morning departure a breeze. Upon arrival, I indulged in delicious breakfast at the Virgin Lounge before reuniting with family and friends.

Day two offered retail therapy and relaxation, with shopping for cute outfits and a soothing massage. The culinary delights at Okami made for a perfect evening. On day four, I combined work with pleasure, photographing properties against Victoria’s stunning backdrop.

The fifth day was a blend of client meetings and property inspections, building valuable connections in my business. A day with family, working on a new car garage, added a sense of accomplishment to the trip.

Finally, my journey back home was filled with fond memories, especially reconnecting with my African cichlids. Read the full blog post to discover more about my adventures in Victoria.

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